About Aardig Onderweg Award

The ‘Aardig Onderweg Award’ offers a platform for iniatives to make the region of Rotterdam more beautiful, smarter and more sustainable. The prize is awarded anually to the most innovative initiative in the regio of Roterdam.

Aardig Onderweg Award is organised by the Rotterdam Metro RET. Connecting is their second nature. Every day RET cares about a safe and comfortable travel from A to B. Next to connecting on a logistic way, RET aims to be a social connector, between people and their ideas. In our city, Rotterdam.

For the Aardig Onderweg Award we are looking for people who come up with innovative, technical and sustainable solutions that make the region of Rotterdam more beautiful, smarter and more sustainable. These initiatives are already making progress, but they can still use a helping hand.
The winner of the Aardig Onderweg Award wins:

  • A cash prize of €25,000
  • Online and offline publicity
  • Professional coaching during the process

With the Award and the cash prize we encourage the winner to achieve his / her goal.

Profile participant

The person or group that participates with the Aardig Onderweg Award…

  • has a sustainable, innovative, technical or social and unique initiative;
  • is already making progress and has the potential to develop the initiative further;
  • is original and distinctive;
  • likes to roll up their sleeves, is an entrepreneur;
  • is not a one-day-fly, but a real go-getter;
  • knows how to inspire others;
  • makes the region of Rotterdam more beautiful, smarter and / or more sustainable with the initiative!

Registration – pitch – final 2019

Registration was possible from September 16th till October 13th 2019. The jury made a selection of 20 candidates from all applications, which was announced on the 18th of October. On Thursday, October 24th, the 20 candidates pitched their idea in 90 seconds to the jury and public jury.

On the pitchday, the jury, the public jury and the online voters chose the three final candidates. In addition, the three candidates received an assignment from the jury to work on with their coach during the weeks up to the final on November 29th.

On November 29th, the final, the three candidates pitched to the jury one last time. The jury and the online voters determined the winner of the Aardig Onderweg Award 2019. Online voting was possible from November 27th for a duration of 48 hours.

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